The FIRST Modest Fashion Week In the USA.

Established In 2019




An Extraordinary Event on how designers, participants, guests, sponsors of diverse ethnic origins, from different continents and cultures could come together under the umbrella of MODEST Fashion & Lifestyle. 

Powered & Produced by The Connector Group, a Miami based company established in 2009. 


We Are About F.A.T.E

MODEST Fashion and Lifestyle serve a unique EXAMPLE of how people of DIVERSE ethnic origins, from Different continents and cultures could come together and fuse into a MODEST fashion & Lifestyle.

A creative platform to allow emerging and established designers to participate and showcase their creativity.

Be it in fashion, design or visual arts has no geographic, political, or religious boundaries. In essence, we are all participants of a unified world and through platforms such as these; Every one can learn to understand and enjoy  the power of cultural diversity.

The art sector will engage audiences with a visual narrative to the endless possibilities for discussion available through creative practices. Following the same vein of diversity and inclusion as on our Fashion platform.

CURATED Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition where the creative work of progressive emerging or established talents  and brands from different countries will showcase the most compelling stories around the history, diversity, sustainability, community and ethics.

Trade Exhibition Booth / Pop Up Boutique booth offers designers or brands to display, meet and greet with the prospective buyers or agents. The Trade Exhibition booth or POP Up Boutique also will allow guests and retail customers to explore and purchase items that they never before have seen in Miami or in the US Market.

Modest Fashion Talk and Discussion between Designers & Influencers, Social Media Platforms. Fashion E-Commerce, Retail Brands Fashionistas from diverse backgrounds to the Government Agency and  Educational Institute.




"For myself and the Louella team, being apart of the FIRST Modest Fashion Week in the United States is about more than just challenging the norm, it is a way for us to connect with marginalized communities and create visibility for women who often times have been overlooked and under- served in the fashion market.  We are beyond trilled to showcase our latest collection at this LANDMARK event." 

IBTIHAJ MUHAMMAD - Designer , Founder of Louella and The U.S. Olympic Medalist. A 2016 Olympic medalist in fencing 

"With my participation and collaboration in this Miami Modest Fashion Week , I hope modest fashion, especially in Indonesia, will become more globally known and can compete on the international stage. Indonesia has a great potential to advance with the uniqueness of Indonesian design which can become an identity to compete at the world level".

JENY TJAHWATI- Designer ,Founder of Indonesia Modest Fashion Week and  Indonesia Modest Fashion TV 

"I'm glad to participate in Miami Modest Fashion Week, and share its values with all my heart.  Culture is a multinational language. Religion is a prayer, for which the sincerity of one's heart is more important than the length of one's skirt.  We are conducting a dialogue about love that the whole world needs"


LINK:  Interviewed by Almaze

I am glad to see that modest fashion designers now can present their collections at a professional stage of Miami Modest Fashion Week.

I believe that the cooperation between Russia Modest Fashion Week ( and Miami Modest Fashion Week will allow designers to discover new opportunities and prospects.”

ALEXANDER BOGZA - The Founder of Russia Modest Fashion Week

“A big congratulations to Norsham Garcia, a little lady with a big vision to bring Modest Fashion to the runways in the US. A very well executed fashion event, with designers and attendees that came from far end corners of the world - London, Amsterdam, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Paris, Philippines and many more. It was truly diverse and showcased modest fashion that can be worn by everyone.

Well done to the #MMFW team, it can only get better from here. Onwards and upwards! ”


  Director of Frankista USA



Modestly Talk About. Straight From The Source 


Next Stop for Modest Fashion Week? The United States of America 


VOGUE Arabia | AUGUST 19, 2019

The three-day event was founded by an immigrant from Malaysia who wants to see “creativity, diversity and authenticity” in fashion be brought to America - BY MILLI MIDWOOD 

Harper Bazaar Arabia |  AUG 15 2019 / 15:53 PM

Modest fashion has been gaining momentum the world over and will now take center stage in Miami, which will play host to the first-ever dedicated modest fashion week in the United States - By Ayesha Shaikh

Villa 88 Magazine | August 17, 2019



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