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Latitude 25.77°

MMFW could not be more excited to introduce Beyond Modest Art Week (BMAW).

The 2019 art sector, titled, Latitude 25.77° will highlight contemporary galleries from around the world, adding a visual dialogue to the expressive yet sensible platform established by MMFW’s mission.


The title, Latitude 25.77°,  represents the coordinates for the Miami Intercontinental Hotel and has been adopted by MMFW, as the brand for this global arts fair.  


 BMFW will engage audiences, collectors, galleries, and artists using the geographic coordinates for the cities and venues it will activate in the future.

The globally anticipated event celebrates the diversity of MMFW and is set to reach great heights, bringing dynamic international talents to destinations around the world. 

Latitude 25.77°

The inaugural exhibition, Latitude 25.77°, will come together under the creative direction of Ibett Yanez del Castillo, Founding Director of one of Miami’s world-renowned art collections.

Yanez, a long-time Miami arts activist, organizer, and educator, will bring 15 years of experience in the arts to the MMFW team.


Since 2004, Yanez del Castillo has worked with the Global Arts community in creating exhibitions and educational programs to bridge communities in the Visual Arts.


 In 2016, she established Ground Control Miami (GCM), furthering her dedication to support artists, collectors, and students on a global scale.


Ground Control Miami collaborates closely with creators across a wide range of social disciplines to build a network of meaningful support and dialogue between peer organizations and artists. As an organization, GCM functions as a social conduit in the development and realization of site-specific initiatives to bridge creative communities. 


This year marks Miami Modest Fashion Week’s (MMFW) first USA showcase, set to take place a few days before one of the largest Artweeks culminates in Miami, Florida. For this two day event, Saturday, November 30th - Sunday, December 1st, MMFW will introduce the world’s top emerging and established designers, merchants, trade aficionados, and scholars dedicated to introducing Modest Wear, along with Modest Resort Wear and Menswear.


Presented & produced by The Connector Group International LLC, a Miami based company established in 2009, the event focuses on blending elements of a fashion/trade show with educational programming and panel discussions presented in collaboration with industry-leading designers and guest speakers. Miami Modest Fashion Week provides an energetic platform bringing global awareness to Modest Wear - its culture, lifestyle, and the brilliant icons that stand behind this fast-growing market.

Quote: Ibett Yanez del Castillo - Creative Directo


"We are thrilled to announce the art sector for Miami Modest Fashion Week. This exhibition brings an additional element to the mission of MMFW introducing modest fashion as a creative unified platform for all to enjoy. We are working with both local and international galleries who represent artists working towards a global language of unity. 

The art sector will engage audiences with a visual narrative to the endless possibilities for discussion available through creative practices. Following the same vein of diversity and inclusion as that of MMFW - Beyond Modest Artweek's first visual arts program, Latitude 25.77°, will provide yet another creative platform to allow participants and attendees the opportunity to discover that creativity, be it in fashion, design or visual arts has no geographic, political, or religious boundaries. In essence, we are all participants of a unified world and through platforms such as these; we can learn to understand the power of cultural diversity

Art, like fashion, has the potential to transcend equality, and this will be our message during the 3-day event. Latitude 25.77° will showcase galleries who's mission and the artists they work with push the boundaries of contemporary practices. We are working across the gamut with artists who embrace new studio methods to reveal their creative language. Our program will provide visitors with a no-boundaries visual environment in which they will experience emerging and established artists from around the world. Our goal is to have a global representation of artists working in contemporary mediums that discuss, question, and reveal topics relevant to our times. 

There is no doubt that art and fashion have always been a direct signifier of culture. We have witnessed the world change, and during those transitions, both art and fashion have given us a glimpse into the past. Aesthetics, both in style and art serve as our cultural footprint, and with all the tools available to artists from source, to the concept, and fabrication, there is an evident cross-pollination of ideas and dialogue. We just can't have one without the other. 

We are witnessing a moment of a cultural, technological, and expressive renaissance. Although at times, cultural polarization brought on by political views can seem detrimental to our path for world unity, artists have taken the same message of discontent, and through their visual narrative, educated viewers in how embracing our differences can inspire individualism. The amount of information available, the tools at our disposal, and the innovation employed by contemporary artists set the stage for curiosity and exploration that has no boundaries.  


The team at MMFW has brought an incredibly diverse group of creators to help organize both the fashion and art sectors. We most look forward to welcoming all who believe in the power of fashion, design, and art. Miami Art Week can now claim a new platform of discussion that is genuinely about creativity, beauty, and expression". 



Contact: Ibett Yanez del Castillo -


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