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Modest fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry going global. The modest fashion movement is more mainstream and multi-brand than ever before. It wasn’t just another seasonal fashion and it is not just a passing fashion trend but it is a sustainable and lucrative market. 

"Given the dramatic impact of COVID-19,  estimates 2020 Muslim consumer spend will decrease by 2.9%, falling to $268 billion. Muslim spend on apparel and footwear is expected to grow at a 5-year CAGR of 2.4% to reach $311billion in 2024. Despite the circumstances of the Pandemic COVID 19, new launches took place, and online sales gained heightened importance, particularly for fledgling and emerging brands. Brands were also keen to expand new product lines, especially sportswear geared at the modest fashion segment", based on a  State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2020- 2021 by Dinar Standard 

The clothing may be modest. Its success is anything but

Be Part of an INTERFAITH Modest Fashion Week; The FIRST Modest Fashion Week in The Unites States of America. 

  •  Be amongst other companies and brands to COLLABORATE and  SPONSOR one of the SIGNATURE EVENTS for the city of Miami.

  • Be amongst the company that is believing in SUSTAINABILITY by focusing on PRESERVING a long-standing history and spinning cultural heritage motifs with contemporary practices.

  •  EXPOSURE of the sponsor’s brand or company name to MIAMI Modest

       Fashion Week Networks from the         East to West. Currently, Indonesia

      and Russia Modest Fashion Week are     MMFW's close Allied.  

  • The advantage of CROSS-PROMOTING to Modest fashion hungry fans worldwide,


    PROJECTION: One-on-One contact,      between sponsors, brands,          Philanthropy, celebrities, Business         decision-makers, local and

international government agencies.

GLOBAL EXPOSURE & GLOBAL NETWORKS; Perfect time to capitalize on the media, audiences, publicities, and investment.

INCLUSION IN THE MMFW Event Publication, a keepsake, and industry resource of contact details for your brand.

• An opportunity for TOURISM / TRADE and GOVERNMENT agencies to be a pillar sponsor for the event every year

• Opportunity to create and expand BRAND LOYALTY internationally 

A SMART & STRATEGIC APPROACH for Sponsors to introduce their companies, products, and services directly to the decision-makers of the country during the event.

• An Opportunity for BRANDS, SPONSORS TRADE COMMISSION OFFICER to meet potential investors from a different country every year.

• The unique & strategic platform    provided during the event from the  Fashion show, exhibition trade show, art  exhibition, conversation, and education.  Allow your company or brand to learn  more about the BUSINESS-INVESTMENT POSSIBILITY.

• Creating a job and potential investment    for the city of Miami.

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We are excited to host the SECOND YEARS of MIAMI MODEST Fashion Week; The FIRST Modest Fashion Week in the USA.

Due to the Pandemic Covid19, we reschedule our event to be on FEBRUARY, 2021 in Miami, Florida USA.

Here, we would like to invite you to join us as a SPONSOR. This event is a fantastic chance to join us in highlighting the rise of Modest Fashion from around the world and will allow you to promote your brand to fashion-minded individuals and press at the International level.

MIAMI MODEST Fashion Week is built upon our vast experience in lifestyle and fashion trade, in combination with our extensive global networks from East to West. We are committed to making MIAMI Modest Fashion Week (MMFW) not just the years most successful show, but our greatest show ever.

To accomplish the task, we need help from supportive sponsors like your

organization or brands. In return for your generous financial support of MMFW, we will promote your brand in our marketing campaigns, promotional materials, during the show, and in post-show communications.

These promotions will benefit you by increasing brand awareness amongst a target audience of thousands.

As always, our success depends on partnership with brands like yours, and we are proud to have served as a valuable marketing partner for years.

We greatly appreciate your interest in taking the time and looking forward to welcoming you to the FAMILY.