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Norsham Mohamad-Garcia

Founder, Creative Director & Executive Producer

In an industry bursting with potential yet lacking representation, Norsham Mohamad-Garcia, a trailblazer and visionary, ignited a revolution with Miami Modest Fashion Week. A three-decade U.S immigrant, Muslim entrepreneur, and a dynamic catalyst, Norsham challenged the status quo and filled the void in the American Modest Fashion narrative.


Her transition from retail banking to founding The Connector Group & Agency LLC in 2009 attests to her business acumen, strategic partnerships and leadership skills. With a global network that spans various sectors, from art, sports and entertainment to public and governmental agencies, her company's reputation stands testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence.


With her humbled roots in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, Norsham brought the underestimated Modest Fashion trend to the forefront of the Western world. Her entrepreneurial drive, creativity, and vision are encapsulated in her role as the Creative Director and Executive Producer of Miami Modest Fashion Week.


Fueled by a market void, Norsham debuted the first-ever Modest Fashion Week in the U.S in 2019, shouldering the financial burden herself. This pioneering step fostered an inclusive platform for Modest Fashion & Lifestyle and sparked wider cultural dialogues.


However, Norsham's influence transcends the realm of fashion. Whether hosting distinguished summits or unlocking new potentials for globally recognized intellectual properties, her indomitable spirit pushes boundaries. A paragon of resilience and innovation, Norsham's journey echoes loudly in the global fashion landscape, a testament to her vision for a more inclusive, culturally diverse world


Within her team for the Miami Modest Fashion Week, she is joined by Nora Sahraoui, a French Moroccan Fashion Stylist Director; Jeny Tjahyawati, a Culture Heritage Fashion  Advisor; Lea Kiss, the Director of Model Management; and Nida Hamid, the Communication Director for South East Asia.

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Who Makes Us So Great


Meet our team members who make MIAMI MODEST FASHION WEEK what it is today. As the FIRST Modest Fashion Week In the USA, we are well aware that we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today if it weren’t for the dedication, expertise & passion of the team members.

Read on to learn more about the DNA of our diverse team members, who work day and night to activate the event to the finals.

Miami Modest Fashion  Week All Right Res

 Stylist Director 

Inspired by her own multi-cultural background, Moroccan-French designer Nora Sahraoui launched Xella Fashions. 


The brand brings a new, innovative fusion of the Middle Eastern, European, and Asian elements. Every creation reflects Nora’s own dynamic personality and combines facets of her ethnicity with those of her passion. 


Stitching together traditional Arab culture, classic French style, and vibrant Indian colors, Xela crafts a whole new trend in fashion. In a very short span of time, Xela’s collections have earned high acclaim at the Fashion Week in Miami as well as on home turf in Paris. 

In 2019, She is joining Miami Modest Fashion Week as the company's Fashion Stylist Director.

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